Thursday, March 5, 2009

Again, with the shirts....

Remember the shirt with the armpit darts?

Well, I took it with me to wear while on vacation. (The black/white one. I never fixed the white one)

I felt the world was not ready to deal with my blue t-shirt with the bleach holes (which I live in), or the used-to-be-blue-until-it-was-bleached-too-many-times t-shirt that no longer has cuffs around the neck or arms, just frayed edges. 

Armpit darts were way preferable.

And because I hate to waste anything, when I shortened said shirt seven inches (told you they were too big), I made a headband out of the leftovers.

And because I steal a headband from 'Cinderella' every time I visit her (and sometimes when she visits me), I thought I'd give this to her.


I just wish I wasn't wearing the shirt when I gave it to her......

ps. I took the white one with me, too. I fully intended to bring it to the cleaners (they send stuff out to little elves who do alterations). It never made it there, and is now home with me.
It's holding down the fort in the ironing pile, being all tough and cocky, keeping the other wrinkled clothes in line, because it knows it's going to be there for a very, very long time.

While we were off, we ate in many, many wonderful restaurants. The first night, Thing Two picks up his fork, and tells me, "Look Mama, it looks like sewing."


He's unbelievable. My stitches should be so even.

He also told me his fork was a lever. My little science guru.

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