Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yes, you heard it here first, folks.

Frenchboro is putting itself on the map as the first place to try out Eco-fishing.

And the genius behind the inspiration? None other than Jay2!

It seems our boy will BUY the newly required sink rope. He will ATTACH it to his traps. 
And then, in a gutsy, in-your-face challenge to the other fishermen, he just pushes the traps overboard. With no way to fish them up. 

'Course he'll have to wait for his traps to wash ashore in the next storm to get to them, and they'll be smashed to bits, and devoid of lobsters...BUT, he won't have to use any fuel- or even his boat- to pick them up.

The environment thanks you, Jay2.
And your government. I'm sure they'll be all over this idea.
And, it goes without saying, the whales. 

At Emmie and Chris' wedding in August, 2008

I sat across from these two yahoos at the wedding. There may or may not have been whining about the lack of wine available. I won't say which of the three of us was in such a snit over it.

And my knitting bag (Oh yeah, I did.) may or may not have been searched for a nip of Sambuca.
 And I quote, "You've got EVERYTHING ELSE in there". (everything but booze, apparently...)

I took this picture because I kept calling them the Bobsey Twins.

And here I just found out, nearly 7 months later, that they share the same birthday. Same year, even. 



  1. Whoa! You are a sharp one, aren't you? Same birthday, huh?

    I hope to hear that you do a better job of filling your knitting bag next time.

  2. ...Jay is smitten with his new found fame for "eco-fishing" however we all know that dumping a ghost trap overboard is not all that desirable...god bless Jay2 for being the trailblazer and great guy that he is..if you stock your knitting bag with Sambuca you'll have a friend for life ....;-)......