Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stick a fork in me, 'cause I'm done

Zee Budget...she eees done.

Final numbers...$163, 667.

I know. I want to puke, too.

Don't forget, those are my tax dollars, too.

We've set up a tuition reserve this year (or, you local yokels will set it up when you vote on it at the annual Town Meeting- June 1st this year) to help with sticker shock when tuition fees start rolling in.

I know, I have moments of greatness. Too bad they are few and far between.
Just think of all the awesomeness I could accomplish.
And then forget it. Because I have more moments of abject stupidity that long offset those of greatness. Such is the curse of being me.

Case in point: The lovely 'Legs', whose birthday is the end of this week, will NOT be seeing a knitted gift from her favorite Aunt.
Sorry, kid.
I'll catch up with ya soon, Nana-Promise.

Right now I am feeling an undeniable urge to curl up in my bed for a week, and suck my thumb.
And I'm just giving in to it.

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  1. We live in a town with a population around 14,000. Our local public school district's budget is more than ten times that of your island's and more than half of our property taxes go directly into the school system.

    Then we pay tuition out of pocket for Neatnik to go to our parish school.

    It's a killer. Sheesh, it isn't even 8 o'clock and I'm feling the need for a lie down.