Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"What Now"

     So we had an interesting trip off yesterday. It started with a boat ride from a neighbor who is not a lobster fisherman, but a Harvard Professor. His boat is small. And fast. 

I'll let you do the math. It did not go well for me. 
The kids loved it, even the sick one. Man, that thing flies! It was flat, mirror calm, honest-to-God I've never seen it so flat. Then we hit some tide, and were airborne. I was wrapped around poor George's leg at one point. 

I don't think I'll be invited back.

And I wish I brought the camera to record it!

     But we made it to the Doc, somebody new to us. She was so nice, and fixed us up in no time.
Ms. Princess does indeed have a whopper of a sinus infection. Turns out she has only been on an antibiotic once up 'til now. So we got the same one (docs are leery of letting us try out new things this far from the mainland), in a very strong dose.
So much for the home remedies, though it is always worth a shot to try them first.
      So last night was her worst night yet. The day must have worn her out. She asked to go to bed at 6:30, so we got her settled in and woke her to give her medicine when it was time throughout the night. At one point, she got up (we could her her moving around in bed), sat up out of a dead sleep, and said,"What now? What Now!". We didn't know whether to laugh or cry; if you could only have heard the frustration in her voice. I still can't figure if she thought I was waking her up for medication, or she was referring to her sore throat, stuffy head, head and neck ache, etc.  (I actually thought she'd wet the bed, or thrown up, the way she said it.)
     When I went up to bed at 3am, I found her sitting on the side of her bead, rocking back and forth crying that her head was going to pop like a balloon.
Thank God for modern medicine. She slept from 4am to 1pm!!
She is MUCH better this afternoon.

My knitting news is bleak, but I guess it's a good thing.
I brought my double mittens on ML with me to do while we sat in a waiting room, hoping to be worked into somebody's schedule. Firstly, George was able to bring us over nice and early (in his Time Machine of a boat!!) so we were on the mainland by 9:30! I had a note on my car from my friend Bonnie, who noticed my inspection sticker was about to run out....but I decided not to worry about that until next time off.
     On the way to the Doc's office, we pass 2 other clinics. On a whim, I stopped in at the closest clinic.
I don't know when this happened to me...I used to be a very monogamous patient. Our Doc is a friend of mine; I've known him and worked with him for almost 12 years. But suddenly, I take my kids to anyone that's convenient! Unheard of! I'm the first one to say sticking with the same doc makes for better care, continuity and all that....what happened to me?!? And what will I say if Lou finds out I 'cheated' on him?!? (I usually 'cheat' out of State...)
     Well, that clinic said they had an opening in 30 minutes. Very cool. I had time to kill, so I drove back to our mechanic, who not only was there, he wasn't busy, and said he could do the car inspection on the spot, and have it done in plenty of time for our dr appointment! I knew right then it would be fruitless to buy a lottery ticket, I'd just gotten all the good fortune I was going to get, all in 15 minutes. 
I did start to fret a bit, that the "Boomerang Effect" would strike, and that we'd end up in the hospital with something far worse than a sinus infection.....
but I put those thoughts away, grabbed the kiddos out of the car, and walked around the parking lot while Alan played with lights, brakes, and the horn. My son thought this procedure was a riot.
When we got back to the clinic with our shiny new inspection sticker, we didn't even get a chance to sit down, they took us right in.
Can you believe it; I never even got my knitting out of the bag the entire trip. The only time we had to wait was when the Big Guy came over to pick us up. 
We'd stopped for ice cream, however, so it wasn't much of a hardship to lick a cone while waiting!

Princess is definitely feeling better; I just received a request for meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner.
..off to cook....


  1. Teressa,

    Auntie Kissy & Uncle Stephen hope your feeling better soon!

    We miss you and hope your coming to Nana's as fast as you can!


  2. Nana thinks she should come as soon as possible so she can take special care of her!!!!!

    Miss them sooo much.

  3. Marissa, Glad to hear that Princess is getting better! Sinus is horrible, that is what get most of the year around. Not a lot of fun at all.

    The boat ride sounds like fun...says me who is afraid of deep water (too much watching JAWS!)

    All went well today at my checkup, high blood pressure but nothing to worry about the doctor said. Baby is starting to drop! So it wont be long now!

    You should have got a lotto ticket whilst you were there, it sounded like you had a lot of luck. I just hope your "regular" doctor thinks so too. ^_~

  4. glad to hear your princess doing better. You should ask stashnstitch about her inspection sticker episode that happened yesterday!