Thursday, June 19, 2008


     I woke up this morning with a bug up my butt. Not literally, or I'd be cuddled up to a bottle of wine right now. No, here is my particular bug:


I found this yesterday afternoon. I haven't stopped thinking about it since. It's Rowan's Cotton Jeans, worsted weight, 100% cotton. Love, love, love the colors. It's the beach in a bag!
I. Must. Make. This.

Strangely enough, the craving is more than the lace itch. More than chocolate (right now), if you can believe it!

Well, I was about to post a plea to keep me on track with the Seasons of Lace KAL I want to start...but I just went and ordered the makings of this bag. 
Oh well, here's to muliti-tasking and many, many sleepless nights to come while I try to do both!!!!     *clink*

Speaking of lace, I have settled on this:

You know what it is, you've probably already done it. Branching Out.
In what yarn, and which color I have not yet determined. I can tell you that it will not be white or ecru, nor will it contain mohair. Something silk, maybe even seacell, with great stitch definition. Any ideas??

This is the part where you drag me away from the Handmaiden at, at $34.00 a skein...

I really want one of these,  but can't figure out how to get Jared to make me one. Working that one out.

I'd like to think I'm smart enough to know when I'm crazy. And that, for me, is craaaaaazy!
aaaaaaah, maybe someday...when the kids are out of the house.....

     June is drawing to a close, and it can't come quick enough for me! This month is hell. The kids are out of school. I think they should have full time jobs. They need to be occupied.
Saturday my SIL is coming for a visit. Don't know where I'm going to put her, now that Thing 2 has moved into the (former) Toyroom/Guest room. The Princess is much, much better, but still on the mend. I have declared her room off limits (still arguing the point with the Big Guy, but he'll back down if he knows what's good for him). So, where to stash the young one? He wakes up at 5:30 or 6am. Thankfully, he gets right on the computer and plays games until 7:00, so I have reprieve until then. Princess has been sleeping until 10am!!

      About that guest room/toyroom...
      The other day, during what can only be described as a 'ShitFit' (when my son got into the drawer where all my knitting toys live and broke my only cute measuring tape- the one that looked like a ladybug-) I was lamenting the fact that I have no place to store my 'stuff' so the kids don't get into it. And the thought occurred to me....when we moved here, we didn't have kids yet. I was naive enough to think if I set up this 'extra room' (wow, really? we had an extra room?) as a guest room, we would have guests. My family would come up for weeks at a time to visit, having their own space and full control of the downstairs bathroom...yeah, never happened.
Brilliant. Whenever I needed to use my sewing machine, it involved dragging it out of the closet, setting it up on the kitchen table, and finishing whatever the project was in a hurry so we could eat dinner. And there was that empty, unused guest room, mocking me, all those years.
Then we had kids, and it eventually became the toyroom, AKA The Black Hole.
Why, why , why didn't I stake a claim on that room from the very beginning?!?
It even has a lock on the door!!!!  (Young One hasn't noticed that ....yet.)

     I still don't know where I'm putting my SIL.

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  1. lol, time for the kids to do some outdoor camping! Then you will have some space inside the house!

    I know what you mean about "my own crafts room", I have one, but it has now become the storage room. I just need to put some shelves in there, redo the ceiling and maybe even paint it, and it will have enough space for my little supply of yarns, books and projects. But I dont have time yet. I am trying to work out where to put my in-laws when they come here, it is either in our room or take over Miles's room, and place the db in there or the sunroom. lol I will find somewhere to put them, and Miles and the rest of us.