Monday, June 9, 2008

Election Day

Though that's not how my husband pronounces it...cough.....

Tuesday is Election Day. Go vote for something. I have poll duty from 9 to 11, then post office hours are 11 to 2. 
That puts me in that nasty building from 9am to 2pm tomorrow.

And my big worry is this:
    I am 10 wrist rows away from finishing the wave sweater. (like 35 sts a row)
     oops, and some neck finishing, but very little.

This baby is DONE with like, 30 minutes of attention.

So what the heck can I bring to knit?!!!??!

Need to go search for some quick mindless pattern to do!

And this is stuck in my head, has been all day:

F,   R ,   E,   E,

that spells free,
credit report dot com, baybee!!!

(must be sung with a southern accent, per the commercial).

 Mine is still bobbing uncontrollably to music I can't even hear. 
credit report .com, baby!

Ooops, I just found those lime green fingerless mittens left unfinished in a basket.
Guess I'll be doing those tomorrow.
Whew, I was thinking about casting on a pair of socks!

p.s. David Letterman has more hair now than he did when he was 30.
        75 million a year. f,r,e,e, that spells free.....
but he looks better than The Donald....

        Hot enough for ya??????

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  1. How was your fog yesterday? IOt was actually worse here on Saunday then yesterday...I can't wait til fall!