Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Switching gears

I know, I know.

I have a deadline, and I'm all but ignoring it.
I'm usually not a procrastinator, OCD sort of cures that, but I can't seem to make myself pick up that wave sweater. And it's getting close...I'm supposed to have it done by Thursday. (Ain't gonna happen).


I got a whole sleeve done, and am ready to start the wave on the 2nd arm. That's the holdup, I need to concentrate to do the colorwork. Maybe tomorrow.
For the record, although I was at work, at the post office, it was after hours. Me and my wave sweater were hiding out from the kids. The caveat is that other people find me...even when I've been closed for almost 2 hours. Hey, sometimes it's the only knitting time I can get! The Big Guy can't figure out why I can't ever get out of work on time...I keep telling him, we're just soooo busy down there!!

So, here's the switching gears part....

I don't know what possessed me to cast on these mitts. I think it was a fleeting thought of possibly starting some socks.....
and in the back of my mind is that yen for lace....
at least these are quick...

and there was this:

hmmm, lovely shot of the 10 cent button, but not so much with the stitch definition. Can't get a picture of that crocheted cord to save my life. And it's really cool!
I've done a dozen of these in one day. My kind of project! I feel like Tiennie!!
(Yeah right! I wish!  Sorry for the insulting comparison, T!)

I've been wearing one for 2 days, and all kinds of people have noticed it.

Okay, well, not so much today. Small town politics dictate that I can't say much about today's hubub...but I will just say that this Town Meeting is going to be a doozy.
Seems everybody is cutting corners in their homes, the school budget is stripped to the bones, but the Town Selectboard has other ideas. Weeeee'lllllll seeeeeeeee........

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  1. I LOVE that sweater! My mom always finds reasons to stay late at her PO too, but I always find her ;o)