Friday, June 6, 2008

Field Trips and Tranquilizers

There has been a cloud hanging over my head this whole week that I've done my best to ignore. Fortunately, it's been a tumultuous week, with multiple hormonal imbalances and stuff. (I refer you to last post re: water tampering.)

The Big School is going on  a field trip today. It sounds like fun, right up my alley, as they are going to a farm.  Awwww, sheep and stuff! and it has a museum...where they've catalogued old-time/historic tools used on Maine farms. How cool is that!?!

But I have nobody to babysit the post office.
So  I can't go.
And my 7 year old is.

I've been trying not to think about it, but it's been lurking there in the back of my mind, all week.
I am the Queen of Denial. Really I am. I once had myself totally convinced that I wasn't at a funeral, but a reunion of sorts. I completely and totally believed it. I even had a good t....well, best not to say.
Maybe that's why I wasn't able to pick up my needles all week.

This trip involves a boat ride (not the big ferry, but Kim Strauss , my most favoritest and trusted Captain is driving), a 2 hour drive (with a driver that is NOT me, but Rachel who I've known for 11 years), a lunch, the farm, and then all of that in reverse.

I'll be home (and at the PO) with the 5 yr old, who is BEYOND PISSED that he can't go.

How many tranquilizers will it take to get through this day?

On a positive note (because when you can't find one, and you make jokes about's time to be concerned), I got to spend yesterday afternoon playing cards...kid-free, no less...with a friend. ( I kicked butt)

Toldya, Dawn. 
I knew something good would happen to me yesterday to make up for the day before!
No package,though. I thought for sure it was in the mail bag...there was a flat rate priority box, and I was soo excited. I sorted all the mail, stacked all the other boxes, and was just about to tear into that priority box...and I happened to look at the name just before I sliced it open.
Darn! Not mine! (yeah, that's so not what I said.)
Thank God I happened to glance at the name...imagine If I'd opened somebody's box!!
I don't know if the post office Powers That Be would understand the insane excitement of a yarn swap. 

Then, yesterday evening, we went to Open House at the Big School. It was nice, saw all the kids' work, some of the art they've done with Anne Claude Cotty (our art teacher, we all LOVE her!), and watched Brody and Elijah shoot off some rockets as part of their science projects. Very cool.

I've made it through the morning, off to the Post Office. Let's see what kind of trouble I can get into there!

fingers crossed for Dawn's package!!!

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