Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pure Joy!

I couldn't get to the computer yesterday, so this is all a day behind.

Thing One loved her field trip, we all survived without any artificial help of any kind.
I was so completely distracted by a surprise in the mail that I never even had wine at the end of the day!

Homecoming!  hmmm, she looks tired.
What, no smiles? She said it was fun and she was glad she got to go. However, she came home sick. She apparently fell asleep in the car twice, and had to drive with a giant McDonald's cup in her hands...just in case....
She's been on the couch all day today, was up all last night. I guess there was candy, McDonald's, chocolate milk (she's not supposed to drink regular milk!!), and ice cream.
I really think she's just tired, she hasn't been sleeping right.

Ok, this is totally not about the kids, for once.

'Cause that's not the's the joy:

My swap came in the mail!!!!OOOOO, what's that peeking out?? Noro???

Oh My Goodness! Just look at all the stuff she sent!!!!
Look, there are even flower seeds...sunflowers, my favorite!! and nigella, and two kinds of tea (one is loose and smells like heaven) and a tea ball and treats for the kids (thanks, E!) and omg, espresso beans (yeah, those are gone. they were chocolate covered, and doomed not to make the day. they didn't!)
Oh, and some awesome lavender soap, in the shape of a cute goat that D's SIL MADE! It smells so good.
Hey, that's Regia Bamboo sock yarn! Cool! (I was too excited to think of taking this out of the plastic for a picture. Does that tell you how excited I was? I'm surprised any of the pictures came out, my hands were shaking. Oh, and I lost my voice by the end of the day from shrieking, "Oh My God" over and over.)
See?!? Omg, she gave me a spindle! She's also going to have to teach me to use it!
Man, I'm a sucker for anything made of wood. Woo hoo, I can't wait!!

Check it out, sheep fur!! And look, she sent some yarn THAT SHE SPUN HERSELF!! I am going to have to thoroughly research what I want to make with that! Super-special!

Look, she made the beaded chain!  Now, here's where things start to get weird. I have scissors, of course. I can cut yarn. But, I have this crappy old bag that I keep all my little widgets in, and my scissors are just a tad too big for it. So, this  happened:

Yup, those are the tips of my scissors poking thru the bag. Now, that happened, like, as soon as I started using that bag. Um, I didn't have kids at the time, so it was at least 7 years ago. Wait, I remember that from our old it was at least 11 years ago! But it worked, so I just never got another bag, or smaller scissors. I did lose a stitch marker, however.
So, it's very cool that D thought to get me such awesome scissors, and they even have a 'lid' so they won't stab me when I root around for them. Nice!

Oh yeah! Yarn Harlot book! And because The Big Guy once joked that I only read books with the word "dead' in the title...a scary book!! I love scary books, and then I have to sleep with the lights on. (D and I will have a read- along with this one, she got a copy, too.)

Oh, on that note...scariest movie I ever saw (recently, anyway...the memories fade over time...)
The Hills Have Eyes
Now, I can't watch horror movies with The Big Guy, for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is that he heckles them, and it ruins it for me. I know they're corny, and tacky, and predictable...but sometimes I wanna jump when the bad guy shows up, even if I do kinda expect it!
So I have this whole setup that I do to watch a scary movie. 
First, he has to be Out Of Town. Like, Not Coming Home For The  Night. 
Then I take the cordless phone (in case I need to call for help while running, which would be impossible given my fitness level, and really, who would I call?), 
my cell (for backup, in case the lines are cut by a wandering ax murderer), 
my sharpest knife (joke, in my house. can't hardly cut a tomato with any of my knives), 
I lock all the doors and windows,
 close all the curtains (because if I even think I see a face in the window I'll have an instant heart attack), 
make sure the kids are asleep (because nobody should see or hear this stuff before they're ready), 
and go to my room to watch The Movie (not the living room, because chances are good I'll be too scared to move when the movie ends. Have to be in bed at the beginning).

I made it about a third of the way through The Hills Have Eyes, and I had the pillow over my mouth to keep from screaming and scaring the bejesus out of my kids.
 I had to shut. it. off. A first for me!

Then I called my neighbor, Tim (who loves horror flix like I do), who told me this was must-see. And I made him stay on the phone with me for the next 3 hours, until the movie ended, and the shock wore off and I thought I could go to sleep. (I'm sure he was thrilled, but I think he knew I'd be on his doorstep with my 2 kids around 3 am in hysterics if he didn't stay on the phone, so it was the smart thing to do.)

Now I'm dying to see The Strangers. Seen the ads for this one? Just the Ads scare the crap outta me!
It's already on my Netflix list.

Wait, back to the show!!!

Addi lace!!!!What's better than Addi lace!!!!! And size two's, which I did not possess!
But I do now, thanks, D!

Another weird thing...I only had 3 stitch markers. There were 4, but one fell thru the hole in my widget bag. And she couldn't have known that!
And how awesome are these?!? I love 'em all! She said the letter ones are for something in one of Cat Bordi's books, which I am obviously going to have to do. Maybe with that bamboo.....

And look at this cute cute box, which is the perfect place for all these stitch markers to live...

I'm looking at a few things I forgot to mention...there was the newest issue of IK, and a needle felting kit, which Thing One wants to do with me. She's getting the knitting bug!

So, I'm putting stuff away, and I go to put all the stitch markers in the pretty purple box ( to hide from kids and cat), and look, there's something else....

No way! How could she possibly have known that I've been dying for a bracelet row counter? I've never told a soul!  See, weird!
I have had a clicky type counter for about 20 years (wow, am I getting old), and it works, but I hate it. It never stands up, makes me have to knit next to a's a P-I-T-A. But, there's nothing wrong with it, so I couldn't justify getting something new.
But I've wanted one of these bracelets for years!
And look, matching stitch markers!!
And she MADE it! Can you believe it!! I love it!

Now, I don't admit to this; if you ask me my favorite color, I'm going to say purple or green. But really, I love orange. I wear orange all the time. 
I have samples of paint, right now, in my closet that are various shades of orange, because I'm seriously considering painting my living room some shade of orange (the only thing holding me back is, how will I like it in the summer? I may have to go with a version of gold....).
It says Fall, my favoritest season (though I like summer a lot). And how perfect, I mean perfect are the colors in this Noro?
And did I have to be wearing my favorite orange sweatshirt on Friday when this box came in the mail!!!!
And do you know, I had put everything away but the yarn (ok, ok, I was toying with the idea of casting on for something, anything with this...)when I noticed it's SOCK YARN!!
People, I feel lace coming on, in my favorite fall colors, and with my new Addi size 2 lace needles!!!
D is an enabler.

I can't stop playing with this. Or this:

Sheep Fur. My cat is beside herself. Wait 'til she sees the spindle in action.
Oddly enough, the kids love this stuff, too.

D, thank you so, so, so, so, much for everything! I absolutely love it!

     A possible preview of Frenchboro Fog. It's supposed to be 90' on the mainland. We are sure to be socked in with fog. I thought it was raining out today, turns out it was fog. ( I never left the house today, stayed on the couch with my sick kiddo.)


  1. Hi Marrissa,
    I love your new gifts.How amazing is the pure lambswool ** I would love to learn to knit if you want to teach me this summer!!
    Teressa does not look happy--I want to give her a big hug & a KISS ... Tell her AUNTIE KISSY & UNCLE STEPHEN send love and we hope she is feeling better soon.
    Can't wait to see you
    Love, Auntie Kissy xo

  2. Wow, that is the most awesome package I've ever seen!!! Good for you! :)

  3. PS: Forgot to say that I hope your little one is feeling much, much better now. Oh my, I feel so guilty that I left that out of my first comment. :( The package made me forget all sense of reason for a minute.