Sunday, May 11, 2008

Super Sunday

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

We spent today Spring Cleaning. My kind of day! Woo hoo, the upstairs walls are washed, woodwork is dusted, and bedding is summer-fied  (which means I've put summer quilts on our beds).
I thought I'd get the rest of the house done today, before we head back into another fun-filled week, but it was soooo nice out! We took advantage of the good weather and opened up the patio instead. Hubby put new (well, recycled) windows in the patio; in 2 years we've only been able to eat dinner out there about 5 times. The wind shifts at about 3pm EVERY DAY, and it's just too cool to be out there, so we're closing in the sides with Anderson windows that a neighbor just replaced in her house. They're a bit worn, but they'll do the job of blocking the wind very nicely.
Bet you wish I was smart enough to have taken some pictures of it, doncha?
I also spraypainted a kid table that we use as a buffet table, or, um, margarita stand. It came out kinda....funky....and not on purpose. I'll post pics tomorrow after the kids go to school.

this is a before pic, the wall behind the cactus is what we closed in.

Stamp Rate changes tomorrow to 42 cents...Don't Forget!!

I'm re-working that crocheted bracelet. I wore it for a while, and the bead placement was totally in the way. I liked the way it looked, but it was uncomfortable. A sort of easy fix, but a re-do just the same. 'Course, I had my 'stuff' spread out all over the couch, you know how it is, and along came Captain Couch Potato and his crew of miscreants...they were into everything, so hubby pushed it all into a pile ! I haven't forgiven him, as I lost one of my favorite stitch markers, and I've been plotting some payback.

It's only fair, after all.


  1. Hello. Just a fellow Raveler stopping to say hi. The water looks so peaceful. Frenchboro reminds me of summers spent at my grandmother's house in the boonies. Not as isolated as your island, but still way off the grid. I loved it.

  2. I had my knitting bag sitting next to the couch. My husband stepped on it. Forget the three feet of room around the bag, but no - he stepped on it and broke a brand-new lantern moon needle.

    First, he tried to blame me for leaving my stuff on the floor. Then he apologized for breaking my needle since I hadn't spoken yet; then I told him how much it cost; then he stopped speaking to me. hope you find your stitch marker. :)