Thursday, May 22, 2008


The whole island is going insane.

That's all I can say.
I, of course, am perfectly normal...though my wine consumption did increase ever so slightly this week.

I have endured meetings Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday...the kind I actually had to participate in and therefore could not knit, ugh.

Today there is a survival suit training class at the building where the post office lives. Which means there will be 14 fishermen under my feet today, along with 4 kids at lunchtime. 
Where's my wine?

Then I'm picking up Sharon Daley, the telemedicine nurse, when I grab the mail on the noon ferry, and she and I will meet this afternoon to inventory the EMS cabinet.
She is coming to dinner tonight (not sure who is cooking due to the aforementioned inventory meeting ), but there will be LOTS O'WINE.

And finally, tomorrow is the day of Teacher Interviews at school.
**Fingers Crossed**
My day will begin at 5:30am, as both kiddos and I have to be at church, dressed and fed, by 7am to prep lunch. 
Anyone who knows me realizes this means I will not be going to bed tonight, as it's much easier to stay up and slam coffee shots than get up at 5:30 and slur all day.
Not a good impression for the potential applicants.

But look! This is what happens when you stress Marissa out too much...she can only drink so much, because , you know, she has 2 kids to take care of and no 'back-up' (translation: Mom lives, like, 300 miles away, so therefore babysitters are limited to the one neighbor dumb enough not to run screaming when asked...)
and anyway, I like to eat waaaay more than I like to drink, so there was this:

now, can we eat it now, please, please?

and these:


and in between, I did this:

yup, that's a half a sleeve. 

Remember that uncontrollable, undeniable yen I had to knit socks back in February?
The one that resulted in these:

First socks
and these:

Now I've got it for...of all things...lace.
You know, because that's a nice, quick, easy thing for me to start. Me, who will not knit more than one project at a time. Who is involved with too many boards and volunteer activites, yet has picked up two more in the last month, thereby losing precious knitting time.
Yeah, great.

But Oh. My. God.
Look at these....

(really, it's all Grace's fault...if I'd never 'met' her, this wouldn't have happened.)

What's a girl to do?
I'm planning a trip off the island to fondle lace yarn, something with silk, because really...if you're going to spend a year or two on a project, it really should be the bestest yarn in the world you should be working with. And that means fondling to find it, not internet browsing!

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  1. Hi Marissa! I'm glad to find your blog from the RAK group--looks very cool! My sister has talked about moving to an island off Maine when her husband retires from the Navy. Good idea? She has two kids, 7 and 4.