Sunday, May 18, 2008

Playing Hookey

I have THINGS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DONE TODAY on my list, just like that, in big letters...and I'm not doing them.

Just wanted to let you know. When I slack, I do it right.

So, Dawn...I have not yet taken pictures of the bathroom, I'll try tomorrow.
I have finished the bottom of the Under The Sea sweater, but you'll see that tomorrow, too.
I have some bracelets done, I think you get the idea of where I'm going with this...

Here is an old pic of some cute kids. This was a day that didn't turn out right, about 3 years ago. Oh well, the kids were cute.


hmmm, there's one missing. Just noticed that. 
Oh well, he got solo airtime recently...he'll understand.

Auntie Ro is doing well. She doesn't like stairs, but says walking isn't bad.
My kids are calling her the Bionic Woman, and they don't have the slightest idea what that means...they are parroting the Big Guy.
We have to be so careful these days what we say in front of them.....

Going to dig up the front garden....we have daffodils growing where we shouldn't have daffodils growing.....


  1. You know I got confused for a minute. I thought the title read, "Playing Hockey," so while reading it I was wondering where the hockey was in the post.

    Daffodils are like weeds in my yarn, they grow wherever they like. Since I do not garden, I'm just grateful that there is other color in my yard besides brown and dead.

  2. When you don't do multiple things its called 'multi-slacking'

  3. Hi Riss,
    It's me Auntie Kissy .. I love the old picture of the kids!!!
    -- THE DAY THAT DIDN'T TURN OUT RIGHT -- Was that my shower? I was thinking so but Patrice was only an infant at the wedding.
    Anyway, loved that I was mentioned in your blog and give them lots and lots of kisses xoxox
    I hope your planning a ride home we miss you and when you come home I will help out with the babysitting!!
    Love you so much
    Auntie Kissy xoxo

  4. That's picture is not from Chrissy's shower. Patrice was a newborn. Actually, i think Patrice was born in between the time of the real shower and the day she opened her gifts. That picture would have been from the following summer.