Friday, May 16, 2008

Adventures in Manure

    Yesterday, I got on our boat for the first time in many years. Thankfully, it was flat calm, and a very good ride. The big guy had to bring us across at 5:30am, so he could go haul. I hate mornings. I thought this would be ok because it was free ice coffee day at Dunkin'Donuts; as luck would have it, we never had time to stop...not even at the drive-thru.

And as it's not likely that I'll be doing it again soon, I took a bunch of pics.

aaaah, flat calm. Why can't it be like this all the time?
Here's what I usually get:

diana halloween06 076
Notice that the picture is taken from LAND! 

Thing two has left his mark. He loves to go out fishing, and will be out with the big guy lobstering all summer.



That's Wyatt on his way out to haul. Last time we pulled alongside Wyatt, he mooned us. This time I made sure he didn't see the camera until he went by. Nobody needs THAT view twice!

That's the big guy, my husband, heading out to haul after dropping us at the dock in Bass Harbor.

    Thing two and I had a great time running to Bangor to get the manure. We hit SuperWalmart on the way, and got a couple of much needed supplies for the Post Office. We also got 75 postcards to send out to people in the RAK group on Rav. It was kind of fun to play tourist in Maine, I haven't been a tourist here for 16 years. Maybe that's why I'm having so much fun shopping for my swap partner, Dawn!
     We had some trouble finding the farm, I think it was because I got stuck behind the world's slowest oil truck, and he was blocking signs and stuff. Don't you hate being behind a big slow truck? I'm trying not to bash truckers right now, what with the gas thing going on...I know how hard we're being hit running the boat with diesel; it sucks even worse for them. But, I've always hated driving behind those giant monsters, and still can't pass them! I've spent a lot of time on Maine's highways, and had a couple of scary incidents, but on the whole truckers have always been good to me, signaling speed traps and passing on info on construction, etc.
     So, we found the farm eventually, and quite by accident. The guy was awesome, I could have spent the whole day chatting with him. He has cows and horses, and sent us out to his pasture to see his two new foals. They were very cute, but Mommy horse wouldn't let them come over to the fence, she kept using her body to block them from coming over. 
   He filled the whole back of the pickup with composted cow manure, so dry it crumbled through my fingers. It took us all of 20 minutes to sweep it out of the truck last night! Last year I had fresh stuff, which stunk to high heaven (ask Barbara) and was...umm....juicy. This stuff was pure joy.

   We came home on the noon ferry, exhausted.

Auntie Ro breezed through her surgery, and has a new knee.  She'll go to rehab for a week, and it's rather telling that the older kids in our family thought that meant something entirely different....(I think it's a Brittany/Hollywood connection to the word).
My kids wanted to know why Auntie Ro was in the hospital (they noticed the frenzy of phone calls all day, I never told them she was going in until she was out...). 
I said, "Her knee got too old, she needed a new one."
 Now they want to know the warranty on all their body parts. 
"So, when I'm 20, will I need new arms?"ummmm
"How long does a back last?" not long! 
"What about Uncle Spuzzy and Nana and Papa, are they gonna get replaced?" oooooh boy...

We had a package waiting for us at home from Auntie Kissy and Stephen. (Stephen is my cousin, sometimes he's 'Uncle Stephen', but usually not. Somehow, though, Krissy is ALWAYS 'Auntie Kissy'!) They remembered Thing Two's birthday, and sent him a bunch of stuff, including a 'Stephen shirt'. 
 "What's a 'Stephen shirt'?"
 "You know, it has no arms!"
Apparently, Stephen wears a lot of sleeveless shirts.

And Kissy remembered my whining about my favorite knitting bag...the straps are ripping off (from carrying too much stuff!), and it took months to get just one strap fixed, now 2 more are ripping...I'll be lost without this bag for more months! And she sent me hers!! She wasn't using it (it stinks as a purse because it's deep and narrow...everything falls to the bottom and becomes lost in the black hole).

The Versace Bag.

How lucky am I??
'Course this means I won't be winning the lottery this week. Again. 
Good thing I didn't waste a buck on a ticket.

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