Saturday, February 9, 2008

Waiting for a big storm.

     Well, the weathermen are all tweaky with excitement over this HUGE storm coming in tonight...which means we'll likely see an inch or two on the ground tomorrow. I wonder if they have to meet statistics to keep their jobs? Like, they have to be right a certain percentage of the time?

One of our local guys isn't even making 50% - we watch sometimes just to see what he'll come up with!
     Since my house is all clean, I spent the day (not knitting) cooking for our big ice fishing trip. I made a triple beef stew, 3 meatloaves, stuffed eggplant, and a shrimp stir fry dish. I fried up peppers and onions to put on sausages, but can't cook the sausages until the day before we leave.
I have mac and cheese, and a big pan of chicken- broccoli-ziti to do by Wednesday!
     Tomorrow is packing day, where I try to fit everything we own into bags. I detest being someplace that isn't home. I need my stuff. And don't get me started on hotel beds. I have amended my ultimate Christmas gift ( a level 4 Bio-hazard suit complete with Oxygen supply) to include a Luma-lite. I'll never get it, but that's probably good because I'd never leave my house- but that wouldn't matter because I'd be so busy bleaching everything that fluoresced under the luma-lite. And I'm not naive, I know that's everything.
     In knitting news, I am not loving this version of wicked. I don't like the stripe thing going on. I didn't want to use the lightest color, and I can see the dark color behind it. It's kind of pissing me off. I also am not liking the jogless join I'm doing. It's freakin' jogged! I can't stand it, and I just decided right this minute that I'm frogging the whole damn thing.
I'll re-do it...neck wider, stripes smaller (4 rows vs. 6), and a REAL jogless join. Yeah, yeah that's it.
UGH!!!! (I was done the whole damn yoke.)
   It isn't the re-knitting that gets me, any knitting is good knitting, and any time you re-write a pattern you know going in that it's trial and error...but the beauty of 'Wicked" is how EASY it is. 
   Wine first, then frog.

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