Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm on vacaaaaaaatiooooooon!

Well, we made it to the mainland, but had to 'jump ship' (meaning the island) a day early because of the weather. Made for some interesting packing/planning. I may have to buy underwear, not sure what any of us has for clothes...

We had one hell of a ride over, but the Cap'n did me the favor of going the back way, so at least it was only reeeeaaallly bad for a short time. Thank You Al!
The panic started at 3:30 this morning, when the wind WOKE ME UP. Oooooh, you know you're in trouble when it wakes you out of a dead sleep. By 9am I couldn't feel my feet. Some even wondered if the boat would run at all, but I didn't think it was blowing hard enough to warrant that. I am worried about tomorrow's run, the high winds are going to be accompanied by high seas, and that's a recipe for a cancelled boat ride for sure. And that, my friends, is why I bolted a day early!
But all is well...I can feel all my body parts again;  we ate, we shopped, we swam.
And all the snow they threatened us with...turned to bucketloads of rain. 
Didn't it rain!
We were looking for Noah, it was that bad.
We are thinking that it will be too slushy to fish on the lakes tomorrow, so I think it will be another swim, eat and shop day.
Our friends are going to meet up with us tomorrow, so they can swim, too.
It's awesome here in the hotel, before the rest of the world lets out for school vacation. We had the whole pool to ourselves- and a good thing, too, for I actually donned a bathing suit (gasp) and went swimming with my kids. Ain't happening after Friday when the place is full, I can tell ya!
I'll have lots of pics to post, but If I don't shut the lights, nobody will go to sleep, and, well, I have been up since 3:30....

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