Sunday, February 24, 2008

I did it!

Could I BE more excited about this? Is it a little weird to BE SO EXCITED about this?

I made my first pair of socks!
In real fingering weight sock yarn!
On size ONE needles!
And they were FUN, and EASY, and came out AWESOME!
It took 3 days to do the pair, and that was straight knitting- we were in a hotel, no laundry, cooking, cleaning, or work involved. Sat by the pool while the kids swam. They didn't mind, or at least Thing One didn't, as they are for her. She seems pretty pleased; I had to pry them off her to wash them.
    This is Melinda Goodfellow's (of Yankee pattern fame) multi weight sock pattern (top down), in Plymouth's Happy Feet (90% superwash, 10%nylon)...washed up like a charm, but the hotel was carpeted (and she slept in them ) so they are a little bit...fuzzy. 
But they're still awesome!

The sock bug has been gnawing on me since my invitation to Ravelry came. I think I did pretty good to hold back this long, don't you? My GOD! Have you seen the socks on there!?! And people are whipping them out in a few days, like a swatch! Does anyone work?!? (Note to self: screw the housework and let the kids feed themselves. Life's too short to not knit.)

Pitiful progress was made on the purple striped 'Wicked". I did not tear it all out, but I cut all the color stranding, and that looks much better. The reason I didn't frog has nothing to do with lack of courage...rather a lack of yardage. I did the math 3 times, and nothing will do but to use all 3 colors in the stripe pattern. My consolation is that Thing One just turned 7, and will outgrow the darn thing in about 2 months. I have it worked up to what I think will be the final increase row (the armpit) and it feels like knitting with the cord to my laptop after the sock yarn!

...must... finish...Wicked before beginning any more projects, or I fear it will be in a heap at the back of a closet somewhere...tho' the sock yarn beckons from the bag.....
....and the summer cotton calls from the basket....(eeek, 3 projects there!)
...and Donna will be looking for some goodies for the Museum in just 2 short months.....
I need a clone! 

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