Monday, February 25, 2008



I just put the kids to bed, and I'm ready to hunker down with the aptly named 'wicked' (because I do not like this purple striped monstrosity that I am forcing myself to knit...I am now calling it 'evil'), only to realize that I need Thing One to try it on to make sure I am ready to take the sleeves off. 
Do I wake her up?
What will I do all night, if not the 'evil / wicked'?
Shall I use this excuse to begin another project.......

Big snowstorm forecasted for tomorrow. I had my crocs on today, no socks, no coat. I would have gone to work in my flip-flops if I could have found them.
I'm so done with winter.  What a gorgeous day. It was my gift from the Government for paying taxes. So, I guess that makes it an expensive day. 
Bringing that up made me re-live the pain of writing that horrible, huge check out to the IRS, and now I must have wine. Will contemplate waking that sleeping child while numbing the poverty pain I'm feeling.
There will most assuredly be knitting to show tomorrow, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out what it will be!

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