Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happiness is

...when the ferry boat actually makes it to the island, despite snow and high winds, and brings GROCERIES! It also brought a reporter from the Bar Harbor Times who is doing a story about the grocery delivery project,( EEK reporter issues), but I was the post office employee today, so thankfully I wasn't interviewed. Some days I just love my job! Especially when it gets me out of speaking to a reporter, as I will inevitably say something ridiculous or extremely embarrassing; such as the time I mentioned my resistance to get on the boat in all but the fairest weather, which has since been broadcast all over the country so when people meet me they say, "Oh, you're that one who lives on an island and is afraid to ever get on the boat! How could you be afraid of the water?!? Why do you live out here?" (Sigh, it's not ALL the time, just really rough weather.)

Took me years to perfect an answer for this: I use a quote from "Jaws", "It's only an island if you look at it from the water". (Thank you, Peter Benchley)
Yeah, it pretty much leaves them speechless but I still look like a moron.

 I have learned it's better for all involved for me to just avoid the reporters. This leads to some interesting situations which have included hiding in the bushes and walking up a very steep trail through the woods with an infant on my hip. All I could think was, yeah- this would be the REAL story if I get caught.

   Anyway, the groceries worked out great this week, no frozen eggs or melted ice cream, so all is right with the world.

In knitting news, I finished Alexa's 'wicked' in that horrible ribbon yarn (those on Rav know of what I speak), and it was so fun, and came out soooo cool that I immediately started another one for Thing One in some Encore I had in the stash. It will have to be striped to be done from stash, not what I wanted. It's all the purples left over from Patrice's Crazy Stripes sweater. Natch, I had to resize the pattern because Thing One is 7 years old. I'm going to post it on Rav when the sweater is done- when I know it works out right! I've seen more than one request for more varied patterns for that 'in between' age of 8-14 years. This was really easy to resize and I  omitted the shaping so it's a little ...less....ummm......bratz. 
Looking at a foot of snow for the weekend...Tammy has the post office for the next few days....I feel a knitting binge coming on!!!

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