Saturday, February 9, 2008

Caught in the act!

We all have them. The days when you wake up and just know there will not be a single productive minute to account for at the end of the day. Mine was today. I woke up feeling...just miserable. In fact, I went to bed feeling miserable-enough to make a deal with hubby to get up with the kids and get them off to school. He did it, too, and I stayed in bed until.....wait for it....8:45.


I wasn't even asleep! I just laid there like a slug. I got up because I couldn't stand it anymore- the house was empty and I was wasting those precious quiet minutes laying in bed!
But I didn't accomplish a damned thing today. Didn't make beds. Didn't clean bathrooms (HAVE to be done every morning or it smells like the Orient Heights train station in there. Boys.)No laundry. Didn't empty the dishwasher. Hubby got the kids breakfast, lunch, and ultimately, dinner. (gold star for him today. Must be said, however, that this is the FIRST time-without exaggeration- that I left him to his own devices with the kids, EVER. That's 7 years, if you're counting.)
I did some knitting, but not much. I mostly just sacked out on the couch.
And so, because the fates just HAVE to mess with me...I had unexpected (though welcome) company tonight! Our friends have just returned from a week in Florida, and dropped by to visit. I hadn't showered in two days. My kids had trashed the living room. Even the cat was dirty. I could have died when Emmie headed off to use the bathroom! 
And the kids were starving because it was dinnertime...but I was only going to open some canned soup, so I had nothing cooking. AAAH! My house is always clean, and I always have something cooking!    SO. NOT. FAIR.
Fortunately, our friends are good people, and just laughed at it all. (Though she was kind of pale when she came out of the bathroom.) They even agreed to stay for dinner when hubby offered to make steak and cheese subs. He makes steak and cheese subs? Since when? And I'll be damned, they were good, too!

Needless to say, as soon as they left I sprang into action. I had both bathrooms sterilized within 10 minutes. I took a shower, cleaned the tub, emptied the kitty litter, emptied the dishwasher, refilled it, washed the pans and bleached the countertops, picked up the living room, put away two loads of laundry and washed two more. And all before midnight, so, you know, it still counts as the same day.

I still feel like crap, but my house is clean *happy dance*. 
Tomorrow I will put a color in my hair even if it kills me.

But right after that, I plan to sit on my ass and knit all afternoon.

Right after I find some excuse to get Emmie to come see my house!

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