Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Days

Two. That's all it took him to put a new roof on the boat.

(Well, with a little help from Lewis and a lot of help from Doug. Thanks, guys.)


There. Now I feel all warm and fuzzy.


I can sleep well tonight, knowing that if I have an insane craving for something, the boat is operational and we could actually go off to get it.

(As if.)
I really just like it because it's clean.

Mind you, The Big Guy would never consider such a demand request.
Not even during the day, when obtaining the object of my craving might actually be possible.
The streets roll up early in this part of the world.

I keep forgetting I'm not in Boston anymore.

DSC_0005.JPG copy

It may not be my happy place, but it truly is his.

Mine involves yarn, needles, and a really bright light.


  1. The new roof looks great!! It's like all project, when you are in the middle of them they look like a disaster but once they are done, they look great!!

  2. Oooooooooooooooo SHINY new roof. Looks great!

  3. Love the new green shiny roof! Also the inside too, something about exposed beams gets me ;)