Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To lace or not to lace?


I am knitting lace. Okay, I am attempting to knit lace.

Ask me how it's going.
G'ahead. I dare ya.

Let's see, so far:
  1. I've come to the sad realization that I will not have nearly enough yarn to do 14 repeats.
  2. The thought of 14 repeats makes me weak in the knees.
  3. I just saw Mary's. It doesn't seem that she and I have knit the same pattern. And hers is correct. This does not bode well for me.
I feel sick.

I'm on repeat #5.

I think I just spent way too much time making a bandanna.

On a high note, I may have invented a new pattern.


  1. Hehe - I'm just adding a fifth repeat, where originally there are only four, and I know I'll be done soon, but that last repeat is killing me!
    Keep going, I'm sure it will look great in the end!

  2. From here it looks pretty nice, but I guess too little yarn is an insurmountable problem.

    Bugger! That's not a good way to start the month.

  3. It looks really pretty to me - maybe your pattern is the better one!! And the thing about lace is that when you block it, you stretch it out. So it's going to be a lot bigger than you think - even with less than 14 repeats!!! You are doing great!

  4. Crazy lady! Stretch it out and pin it. Then I can tell you if it's right or not. And it doesn't have to be nearly 15 repeats. You'll probably wear it a lot more if it's just a small piece. I told you...a jean jacket and some lipstick and you'll shock the entire island!!!

    Oh...and mine isn't nearly finished!!!

  5. Yikes! Stretch and see, but it's looking beautiful to me so far :)