Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nightmare Scenario

Can you imagine driving calmly down the road, and glancing in your rear-view mirror to see this following you??


In that scenario, I guess all you'd really see is that green bar down near the bottom.

THAT's how big this monster is.

I was kinda scairt of it just standing there. And it wasn't running.

Hi, little boy who ran past my camera! He was frizzling with excitement.
I didn't share his enthusiasm. Maybe because I'm a girl.

Even the tires were scary.
Okay, maybe not to ALL.

There's the Driver Dude.
I said, "Hey, Driver Dude. How in the world do you get up in this monster?"

So he showed us.
It involved him raising those super-long legs of his over his head.

THEN I was impressed.


They thought it was pretty cool.

And I was pretty glad that I'd taken the wrong exit off the highway, and just happened to drive past it.


  1. We used to live in Grave Digger's neighborhood. Used to see that "car" all the time.

    I live "red-neck adjacent". Lots of people east of us drive vehicles like this EVERY day. LOL

    Scairt is right. When all I can see out the back window of MY SUV is YOUR tires ----SCAIRT!!!

  2. Sometimes, the best stuff happens on the "wrong" exit ramps :o)