Friday, June 4, 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Yesterday, we returned to the island with 482 metric tons of stuff.

Food stuff, boat stuff, garden stuff, house stuff, bakery stuff.

And it was raining. A lot.

We had stuff in the van; we had stuff in the truck.
Only the truck could come home with us, therefore, we had to transfer all the stuff from the van into the truck.
In the rain.

I said to Thing One, who is older and a girl, and therefore far more capable:
C'mon, kid, hop into the back of the truck, and I'll pass this stuff up to you!

But, Mooooom!

Hey. This is what I had you for. Earn your keep!

She climbed up into the back. I stood at the back of the van, relatively dry under the hatch-thing.
Thing Two was in the third seat of the van, totally dry, passing out stuff.

We worked in tandem like that for about 15 minutes. Occassionally I had to leave my refuge to carry something that needed to stay dry over to the cab of the truck, so I was soaked, but not like Thing One, who was saturated.

She realized this fact during a lull in the moving process, while ringing out her hair, which was dripping into her eyes.

She looked at me.
She looked at Thing Two. (Dry)

"You guys suck!"

And, I'm sorry...I just didn't have the heart to reprimand the kid.
She will be charged with the task of picking out my nursing home someday, you know.


  1. Yep .... my son reminds me of that ALL.THE.TIME!

    He says I'm going to the one with the nasty stewed prunes.