Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Send rum, and coconuts

For the last few years, he's mentioned (though with great reluctance) a large project that desperately needs doing to the boat.

The last few trips off, I noticed an increase in supplies being purchased.
I noticed this in the checkbook.
I don't like him in the checkbook. No good can come of it.

Sunday, he seemed antsy.
He had this funny, faraway look in his eyes.
He was distracted.

Next thing I knew, the boat looked like this:

There used to be a roof there.

There needs to be a roof there. That's where all the electronics live.

Wait...there's the beginning of a new roof.

060700_1728[01] copy
And that means it's time for reinforcements. That's Doug. He's a helper-dude.
We like helper-dudes.


Lots o'roof.

Old, thousand pound roof.
Cut up into small manageable pieces.

Solving world crises.

When they should be working.

And I'm having palpitations because the boat is out of commission, and I have no way to get my kids off the island in the middle of the night if there's an emergency, and what if I suddenly have a craving for Finelli's eggplant on focaccia...

I said earlier, it's kinda like being stranded on a desert island without the coconuts or rum stash.

Think calm thoughts.



  1. Everyone needs a helper dude! (Well, I know I do.) DIY is challenging. So how many expletive deletives did the building of the roof provoke?

  2. Yikes!! Hope they finish it tomorrow!