Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Weather like this makes me wonder, Why IS it that I am always Essential Personnel?

I've never held a job that gives a snow day!

The National Guard once gave me ride in to MGH. I felt all speshul.

The ferry tried to get to us today, but visibility was zilch, and I'll wager the seas were enough to reduce me to tears (it doesn't take much). Thankfully, I was on solid ground. Snowy, but solid ground.
They'll come tomorrow, and do a make-up trip Friday.

That's cool, but it made for a very boring day at the post office. I entertained myself by playing with the shredder.
Note to self: ALWAYS bring the knitting to work.

Frenchboro is, by far, the most fun place to be in a snowstorm.
With only 2 miles or so of road, we are not so much 'heavily trafficked'.

There are approximately 8 trucks moving around the island this week.

And there's the fun! Bumper cars! Donuts! Sliding backwards down hills! (Ok, that one wasn't on purpose, and I may have been crying when I stopped. We've got some steeeep hills, and they freak me out.)

With so few vehicles on the road, you don't have to worry about hitting much ( unlike Boston!)

I'm toying with the idea of blocking the road above and below Dump Hill, and letting the kids slide after school.

Hmmm, I wonder if we can bribe the Plow Guy with to 'look the other way' for a couple of hours......??

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