Friday, October 8, 2010

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Or, Mr. Goodyarn.

I am in need of suggestions, my friends.

I have two baby sweaters just begging to be knit, and they are crying for cotton.

A rugged, withstanding cotton, to be sure...but also a baby friendly, machine washable, soft cotton.

What are your favorites?
What have you used and loved?
What would you never touch again, even with the threat of [insert your own creepy neuroses here] looming?

Mission Falls 1824?
Fantasy Naturale?
Cotton Ease?

I'll take pros and cons for any and all you can think of!

Now I must crow a bit, because I'm just so darn proud:


I can now Cable Without A Needle.

Yeah, I know...big deal.
It is. I knit this particular cuff...wait for it...six times.

I should be embarrassed to even say it.

This is Kristen Kapur's Mystery Sock pattern for this year.
I always learn a new trick doing her patterns, and I always love the results!


And I always do them in two's.

Yup, six times I knit those cuffs.
That's determination.

But I tell you what...the rest of that leg had better be smooth sailing. My brain hurts.

(The red is Sundara's Fire Studies; the purple is Yarn Pirate's purple semi-solid. Both extremely yummy.)

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