Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Cormorant Buddy

I'm not much of a 'bird' person, but I was avoiding an unpleasant task, and saw this dude perched on a spiling. When I walked closer, he didn't move. I got a bit closer. He stayed.

He's a Cormorant. A Shag, as they're known around here.
(DownEast, they call them Shitpokes. And only they could tell you why.)

I stared at him. I don't think I've ever been this close before.
He watched me, watching him.
And played up to the camera, just like my kids do.

(This particular Shag has a British accent. I don't know why. He just does.)
(And it's not one of those Aristocratic British Accents, it's a cockney British accent. I don't much go for the whole haughty crowd. I like 'em Real. I wouldn't have played with this dude if he sounded snooty.
Just how I roll...)

Wall, 'Ello, luv.
Taikin' pictures, are ya?


'Ere...get me good side.

Blimey, may'se well get me bad side, too, then.


And the High Lord Rochester pose, luv.
Must've that one, as well.

Thanks for playing Mr. Shag.

I think it's clear that I will do anything to stay away from re-certifying my X-ray License. Sigh.

Edited to add: I'm done re-certifing. This was from last week. It made me laugh all over again, and as a bonus, the sun was out and it looks warm, something I am missing right now!


  1. hehehe I love the british accent ;) Glad to hear you are done!! Welcome back ;)