Friday, October 9, 2009

I MUST share!

A reminder (as if I need one) of what I'm in for with Thing One in just a few short years.

Though I don't see my daughter knitting one. She makes more money lobsterfishing than I do at the post office.

send help.


  1. Decided to hide head in sand.
    Decided to hide Neatnik in sand.

  2. Oh, Lordy!

    I think this is why I'm glad my only is a boy ---- he's never asked for a thong. And believe me, I thank my lucky stars every day for that one. LOL

    So, what are you going to do? Maybe if she got one and realized how dang uncomfortable they are it would solve the whole issue.

  3. Maybe she meant something more like a sling or a weapon?? (one can hope, right?)

  4. Yikes!! daughter is way too lazy to knit though..and thank goodness, she doesn't like them. Here's hoping yours doesn't either!