Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frenchboro Follies

In the blooper reel that is my life...this is one of the top 10.

Reason #4 for Marissa NOT to leave the island:

(photo edited to add author credit only)

This one is not technically ours as it happened in Bass Harbor, but my-oh-my, it's just too classic not to share!

This little mishap occurred at the beginning of October. That large truck (full of luscious lobsters) pushed the ferry boat away from the ramp while it was driving onto the ramp.
It dangled there for four hours awaiting a crane to get it back on solid ground.

Thank goodness, nobody was hurt(except the drive shaft on the truck).
We will tell this tale for years to come!

p.s. Can you imagine ME driving off when that happened??!!?? My scream would STILL be reverberating, a month later!


  1. Gah!!! At first, I couldn't figure out what was happening. Then I read the text. Then I nearly fainted.

  2. Yikes! Maybe you should just take a bicycle off the island next time, I don't think they would have that problem, lol.