Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm on vacation.

I got to visit a lot of the family this week.
Including my 13 yr old nephew, Meathead.

Meathead wears size 11 shoes. 

He's gargantuan.

And yet, sometimes I forget how big he is, and start roughhousing with him.

And this time, while I was attempting to deliver a SuperSonic Wedgie, he stomped on my foot with those size 11's.

And ripped off the toenail of my big toe.

Damn right, ouch!

When I recover, he's toast.


  1. Wait. Something about the wedgie and he's toast do not compute. You were trying to wedgie the poor kid. He was retaliating in self-defense!

    Hope the toe heals quickly.

  2. And here I thought you'd be trapped on that island 'til June.
    Sorry about the toenail. It brings back horrific memories of a PE Lockerroom door being opened onto my big toe, taking the nail with it.
    May your toe heal rapidly!
    May his size 11's trip him when he walks... but just a few times.

  3. I almost barfed when I read that!

  4. OUCHY!!!!!!! that would hurt. I hope you got your wedgy in after that.
    Cant find Miles' letter, so you must not have posted
    How is the depression getting in LobsterLand?

  5. Ewwww. I hope it heals quickly!! I have this fear about losing a toenail. So I'm really feeling your pain. At least you have a few months before sandal weather.