Wednesday, February 4, 2009


the 'light dusting' scheduled for last night turned into a solid foot of snow.

And I'm a pedestrian again today, as The Big Guy is taking the truck off the island to procure food. 

And it's still snowing.

The upshot of all this, is that I have the house to myself this afternoon, once the kids go back to school after lunch.
And since The Big Guy won't be home until's pancakes for supper.
(The Things and I love breakfast food for supper, but The Big Guy won't stand for it. So we look forward to our 'alone time' and have pancakes for supper. I live a super exciting life, I know.)

A snowy afternoon, with at least 3 hours of solo time???

Wonder if you can guess what I'll be doing??????


I'm finished with Christmas presents, but now I'm onto Birthdays...and have yet to mail any of them.
Maybe tomorrow, if I don't answer the phone at all today.

It's 10:18.
Still snowing.


  1. I LOVE breakfast for dinner! Breakfast is the only thing i can really cook.

    Love that pink cowl there!! Details, please!!!

  2. we love breakfast for dinner and you work in a post office and don't mail things, I don't know!!!!

  3. I love that pink cowl!!! So cute.

    Nothing wrong with pancakes for supper...pancakes are delicious. drool~~~