Thursday, February 5, 2009


I saw these on one of the 300+ blogs I read, and I drooled.

Drooled, I tell you.

Now, when you read skim 300+ blogs, you cannot possibly retain all the info you take in. So I don't know who posted this recipe, but Thank You, whoever you are!

These were pretty easy to make, and were well worth the effort.


Mrs. Finn and I played with these Superbowl Sunday while Mr. Finn and the rest of my crew played Wii. 

They are waaaaay too much fun to make.

And they taste just like the ones we used to get off the cart outside Jordan Marsh when we were kids.

I'll be making these again this weekend! 

And was it me, or did the Superbowl commercials stink this year? (except the Doritos one , that was great!) I thought they were pretty lame.


  1. I loved the Clydesdale ones especially with Daisy the circus horse, they were cute!

  2. ***desperately looking for link to the recipe as I wipe drool off my keyboard***

  3. So when are you going to post a link to the recipe!!!!! Im hungry!

  4. Send some of thoe my way PLEASE!!!!