Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Quickie

We made it back to the island, almost in one piece (minus one toenail...)

I suffered additional trauma Friday and Saturday while I obsessively checked and re-checked the weather forecast for Sunday's ferry trip.
The news was not good.
30 to 35 knot winds, with gusts up to 50!!!
seas 15-18 feet!!!

My limit is 6 feet. I can be pushed to 7, maybe even 8, depending on the wind direction.
But really, anything over 5 feet requires medication. (By the way, I had 2 c-sections, and never took a single drug after either surgery. Just sayin'.)

So, I spent all of Saturday night in a panic,  doing the "un-wind dance". You've read accounts of how American Indian tribes held ceremonies to ask the Gods for rain for their crops? Including the "rain dance"? I shake from head to toe, and we call it the un-wind, or no-wind dance.
I ask God, Jesus, Mary, and all the Saints (anyone who'll listen, really)to stop the wind. 

Sometimes they listen.

This was one of the times.

So we had a nice, smooth, uneventful ride home, spent two days unpacking and doing laundry, and getting back to normal. 
As much as I need to get off the rock once in a while, I really love to come home!

I gave out all my Christmas gifts (shut. up.), and can now show them to you (try to contain your excitement).
But first I must find my card reader. It's here somewhere...


  1. Your un-wind dance sounds more like uncontrolled shaking engendered by generalized anxiety. Just sayin' ;o)

    Glad you made it back to the rock in one piece apiece.

    PS - Good idea on the prayer front: if the Big Guy can stop wind on the Sea of Galilee of course he can manage the Atlantic Ocean!

  2. Wow, an un-wind dance!! I'm so glad it worked this time.

  3. Yay for the un-wind dance!
    I'm eager for the pictures!!