Thursday, March 17, 2011


Thing One and I are back from our latest excursion.
Remember that appointment I didn't figure would come to pass? It was yesterday.
We made it across the bay with no trouble (it was a most enjoyable ride actually, with very pleasant company in the form of some visitors from the Island Institute, including a very friendly dog and the sweetest baby you ever saw).

We did some business on our way to Bangor, and then we headed to: the Orthodontist.

She is not encased in metal yet, but it is soon to follow! Very exciting!

We celebrated the news with a Girl's Day Out, replete with fine dining, mocktails, and an evening of swimming.

The weather today is absolutely stunning; bright sun and a cloudless sky. The ferry rolled along some wide swells to bring me home, and wonder of wonders, instead of whimpering...
I nearly fell asleep.

A perfect 'weekend'.

Of course, upon hearing what we saw and did and ate, Thing Two is now asking when HE will be getting braces!

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