Saturday, March 26, 2011

The first STR club shipment

It started off in the great frozen North, cut off from civilization (okay, we were just missing wi-fi, but that really sucked), with the challenge of performing Judy's Magic Cast-On without benefit of instruction.


I did eventually get it, but not without involving law enforcement.

Upon arriving back home, in what passes for civilization on the rock known as Frenchboro, I made the difficult decision to pass on not one, but both, patterns included in the Socks That Rock club shipment.
Not an easy decision to make.

But I was determined to do a pair of toe- up socks, and would not be deterred from my mission.

I'm very glad I did, as it turned out.

I settled on a seemingly random stripe sequence, inspired by Fibonacci numbers.
What, you think we knitters just grab whichever string lands in our hand to decide when to start and stop stripes? There's major planning in that!
Oh, it's just me? OCD? What?
Whatever. Fibonacci numbers are way cool. We spend HOURS in the Math room at the Museum of Science in Boston. Lots of budding engineers in our brood. (And, we always know where to look for Daddy, when he goes missing.)

The colors were every bit as delightful as expected.


Toe-up, man, is the way to go!
Short row heels! These heels are, by far, the most wearable with shoes.

You know, if you actually wear socks with shoes. 
Which I do not.
I'm taking a lot of heat from a particular non-knitting friend, who wants to be shown to knit something called a 'tube sock'.
I will not show her how to knit a 'tube sock'. If she knits it, it will have a proper heel, or I will find her sock-in-progress, and rip it out. We're in tough negotiations right now.
In retaliation, she has threatened to 'out' me, for being a compulsive sock knitter, who does not wear socks.
I'm just beating her to the punch.

I'm not a wearer of lace shawls, either, but that doesn't stop me!
It's all about the art, not so much the practicality.


My favorite funky thing: mismatched toes, heels, and cuffs.
Let your freak flag fly...especially where nobody sees it.


Look- no gaps. Wrap and Turn, baby!


Toe pic!



I have gifted the socks to a friend who lives in Brewer, who was very happy to receive them (and surprised!).

And that was the best part of knitting them.

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