Monday, March 28, 2011

Just passing time...

I have two sweater designs percolating in my head for a friend's grandsons. While I agonize over yarn and color choices, I thought I'd throw something on the needles to keep my hands busy.
It distracts me from the evil around me. And keeps me from weeping openly for the people of Japan.

I don't think I can read any more about the horror currently being experienced over there, after the account I saw of one Mother whose baby was ripped from her grasp by the swirling, powerful, surging water. She said, "One second I had her clutched firmly in my arms, shielding her with my body...and the next she was gone, and there was no sign of her."
More recently, Mothers are looking at their babies and wondering what effects the radiation leak will have on their future. How do you compare our problems to that worry??
I listen to people whining about their lives, and their 'big' problems, and I have NO compassion.
I wonder if I ever will again. The disaster in Japan has become the barometer by which I measure everything.
I just look at my babies kids, and think about what it would feel like to have either of them ripped out of my arms. And be gone, just like *that*.
I have been given great perspective as relates to my own life, I can tell you. I hope the rest of us can open our eyes and hearts to that perspective as well. That humility would go a long way.

So, in an effort to distract myself, I cast on for Summer Flies. Clearly, my subconscious is looking forward to long lazy days spent out in my patio, something fruity and refreshing in a glass (with an umbrella!) nearby.

I cranked this out in 5 days.

In spite of adding two repeats of lace sections, a full third of it's size, it only took 5 days!

This is, of course, unblocked...because you know that I am Blocking Challenged.


It's going to look so cool when that lace opens up!

I think this pattern appealed to me because of the variation of the lace sections, sort of sampler-like.
I've always been a sucker for needlework samplers.

And so the To Be Blocked pile grows....

I see the downside to my lace addiction. Sigh. I'm going to need to learn to block, aren't I?

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