Tuesday, April 13, 2010

With Great Thanks

Today I am thankful for many things.

I am thankful for the warm sunshine spilling around me.
I am thankful the kids got up without complaint and got themselves ready for school.
I am thankful for the jobs I will perform later today, which occupy me and give me the great feeling of accomplishment (and, well, monetary compensation).

And I am thankful for good friends. Friends who, unasked, make our days a little (or a LOT) brighter.

Grace is one of those friends. Never far away, always with encouraging words, a ready ear, a supportive smile...and gifts!

She tried to talk me into letting her wear this to our Easter Egg hunt as recompense for modeling. Silly kid.

Then she tried to con me into letting her wear it back to school, because 'it matched her outfit'. Not sure those velour jogpants qualify as 'outfit'.

Thank You, Grace, for brightening my world with your art and your kindness.


  1. you are most welcome!!! Wear it in good health, both of you!!!

  2. It's a beautiful shawl! Don't blame her for wanting to wear it ;)

  3. Please tell me what pattern you used! It is gorgeous!