Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Fool's

My kiddos love my jams and jellies.

Of course, it helps that my kiddos have really only ever had my jams and jellies.
Captive audience, and all that.

They know where the jelly 'lives' in our house. They know what is 'their' jelly, and what is the 'Bakery's' jelly. The Bakery's jelly is off limits. They know this.

Their Father, however...

He isn't allowed in the kitchen, or the cupboards, so he knows naught of how it all works.

He was in charge of The Lunch one day.

They ran out of jelly. He grabbed a jar for them.
They said, That's not our jelly.
He said, Yeah. It's strawberry. You can have this.

They shrugged. Dad say it's OK. He'll take the heat for it.


'Cept it wasn't strawberry. It was cranberry sauce.
The strawberry is labeled. The cranberry sauce is not.

The kids are not amused.
And yes, I am making them finish off the jar.


  1. The Big Guy should definitely have to finish off the jar.

  2. Still laughing out loud. I'm sure that was quite a tart surprise!!!!!AND - this is why there are certain places we don't allow our spouses, and certain things we don't allow them to do (mine is forbidden to go near any laundry but his own).