Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Recap

The Things were thrilled that a couple of neighbors took on the task of an Easter Egg hunt, the day before Easter. Their Mother was, well, let's say not on her game this year.
I was no help whatsoever.

But the neighbors filled and hid over 400 plastic eggs, and set the island kids loose to hunt them. They had a blast!


I would like to point out the immaculate fingernails on this child. Thank You.

I would like to distract you from this child's less-than-immaculate fingernails by pointing out how cute that scrunched up face is.

We dyed our eggs on Thursday, so we could look at them for a few days before eating them.

Instead of Eggs Benedict or some other labor-intensive breakfast dish, this is what we did Easter morning. Just as tasty, much less work.

These, oh...these are our favorite thing!
We roasted carrots as well. Scrumptious!


There were the usual plethora of desserts, but this one caused some excitement. When I make the meringue for the Lemon Meringue Pie, I triple what the normal person would make. Not because it tastes any better, but because it looks so good!
The Things were laughing like hyenas when I piled the meringue atop the lemon- they measured it to be a full 9 inches high!
I had to tone it down to seal the edges, to about 6 inches.


The Things have become the Master Frosters of these cookies.
Next year I may let Thing One have a crack at the pizzele iron.
Somebody should probably talk me out of that, I have visions of spending Easter Eve in the ER.

That jar was full to the brim on Friday. It didn't last long.

But the star of the show?
My husband's most favorite, 'it isn't Easter without it' item?

The Fresh Kielbasa.

Courtesy of our friends Jerry and Barbara in Connecticut.
The fresh is so different from the smoked, and so very good.
But so hard to find.
And these are Easter kielbasa, only made this time of year (so he tells me).
I've heard tales of a group of Polacks driving clear to Pennsylvania to a particular butcher and filling their trunk with fresh Easter kielbasa to bring back to friends and family in Connecticut. A full weekend's drive. And the car smelled until the following year, when they made the pilgrimage again.

The smoked- my favorite.
Thank you Jerry and Barbara, for remembering us every year at Easter!

They've been mailing us these kielbasas for as long as I can remember.
My husband would rather skip the holiday altogether than go without them, so they are very much appreciated.
And a ham for good measure.

Because there are only four of us, and no sane person could consume the staggering amount of food I prepare for any holiday, we try to split it up a little.
Growing up, there would have been stuffed shells, lasagna, or manicotti, along with ham and lamb for Easter. Roasted potatoes. Carrots. Artichokes. Sweet potatoes. Mushrooms. Asparagus. Carrots.

I've taken to spreading the food out, to include all the traditional food all week, instead of all on one day.
It's so much better!!

I made another trip to Boston, this time without the kids.
While there, we talked my Aunt into making two of the traditional Easter pies:
pizza gena and pizza dolci.

Pizza Gena. No idea how to spell that. Our 'stuff' doesn't translate.

She does it nice, no?

This is my favorite. I make them save me a piece of this every year. Not the sweet one, this one.
I used to make it myself, but...there was a bad experience.
It involved a funeral, and some not very nice people. Let's leave it alone.

The meat. It's all about the meat.

Pizza Dolci. So good.


Auntie Ro tried to blame Krissy for being heavy-handed with the brandy.
We know better.
It was perfect.

We ate them the night I brought them home. Fabulous!

Thanks, Rosie!


  1. OK! Drooling here and somehow my brown rice and veggies won't satisfy me tonite! (especially that lemon meringue pie!) I want one of everything...but the kielbasa, I'm sure it's wonderful, so fresh too.

  2. Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure the italian part of the family brought something like your pizza gena (it was taller, more bread/souffle-ish) to an easter dinner at the french part of the family's...

  4. Love it when cultures merge- it's the best of everything at the holidays! Would love to hear about some of all of your food and holiday traditions.