Monday, March 29, 2010


...And in a good way.

I'm writing this very quick post from the floor. It's where I landed when I got the mail this morning, you see.

I got a package today.
I wasn't expecting a package, so I was intrigued.
(think: kid in a candy shop...)
I opened the box, and found a note from my friend Grace.....

and one of her gorgeous shawls. (Sorry, Rav link only.)

And I'm on the floor.

Thank You, Grace! You are the most sweet, thoughtful person ever!
I love it, I will treasure it always, and I will always think of you when I see it!

Of course, today is gray and rainy and dark and gloomy, and pictures will have to wait for tomorrow.

But I'll bet you can guess what I'm wrapped in while having my coffee (and I'm moving to the sofa in a minute. The floor is cold!)


  1. How very colorful! Great for a grey day.

    BTW, Lemon Squares not cheesecake nor meringue.

  2. Isn't Grace a sweetie-pie! Enjoy your new shawl and imagine a big ol' hug!

  3. That Grace....she's so amazing!!! Enjoy!

  4. I am so glad it go there safely I was watching all your no mail for Frenchboro posts with a bit of anxiety!!!!