Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cleansing Enema

Huh, that got your attention, didn't it?

I am, in fact, giving my entire house a cleansing enema.

I have removed...drumroll please...25 garbage bags full of belts, shoes, purses, diaper bags, and clothes that do not fit anybody in this house.

It was awesome.

And I'm still going.

I also threw out all the outdated medicines (I am stocked better than your local pharmacy, for obvious reasons, and keep one of everything on hand.), baby food (I kid you not), and other unnecessary assorted paraphernalia.

Seriously, I found bibs in a kitchen draw, sippy cups still in kitchen cabinets, and baby spoons- the infant ones- in the silverware drawer.
My kids are 7 and 9.

I know.

p.s. I owned 5 pair of black stiletto heeled pumps. Not a one of them has ever been worn, and I have no recollection of ever buying such a thing.
I trip in crocs.
I think there are elves in my house. Weird, slutty ones.


  1. The same thing has been going on down here at the southern tip of the country. Goodwill LOVES me this week.

  2. Congratulations!!!! We're doing the same thing. So far, we've only hit the basement. Lots of toys going away!!!

    I do know that there is a drawer in my kitchen that has bibs in it. My youngest is 9. The contents of that drawer has been given an eviction notice!!!

  3. haha I'm still laughing at the slutty elves!!! Every time I go through my house and start purging things I'm always amazed at what I find....there is always a lot of things I knver knew I had and then wonder why I ever got it in the first place!

  4. Hi Marissa from the land of down under! I'm a regular reading your blog and decided it's about time I post comments - hope you don't mind. I gotta agree with you. . . makes one feel so good after a 'house-cleansing blitz', for sure. Well done! Till next time, my best wishes to you and your family over there in Frenchboro. . .

  5. Are you sure they aren't elves in drag??

  6. The slutty elves comment caused me to spit tea all over the monitor.

  7. we're getting ready to sell our house after 22 years here.... the accumulation is incredible! I don't have the bibs, but I found a box full of warranties for things we bought in the PREVIOUS house, and a few for the house before THAT! (Probably before you were born!) Needless to say, that is now recycled paper!

    Barbara M.

  8. HA HA HA HA!!!!!
    My littlest booger is at the in laws' all week so I will be doing the same thing. We rock!!!

  9. Did those elves stash a bustier or boa somewhere?

  10. Oh..don't make me remember enema's ;)

    Sigh..we too are doing this...soon.. I trip with barefeet, so I'd like break my hips with those shoes LOL!

  11. Good for you!!!! That is an awesome feeling!!!

    My closets aren't too bad, but I'd like to get rid of more.

  12. Wow...
    We just took four bags (large garbage bag sized) of clothes (okay, 3 clothes, one shoes) to Goodwill. All of the clothes came out of my youngest daughter's room. ALL of them. And the shoes -- except for one pair, they were all shoes the girls have outgrown.
    We will not discuss the numbers of wee sacks of just plain trash we pulled out of the child's room.
    It's kind of liberating though... and I know that I've still got several spaces to go. Like.. the bathrooms with their drawers full of wee shampoos from hotels we last stayed in ten years ago.... yeah.

  13. I so need to do this! I'm scared to think what I might find LOL PS if you happen to wear a size 9 you can send those stilettos my way ; )