Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Last October, I lost a favorite Uncle.

In January, I lost my 21 year old cat, Fat Ghost.

Two weeks later, I lost ical on my computer.

And at the end of February, I lost my Mother.

Are you listening, God? Go play with someone else.

Yesterday, in a fit of determination heretofore unseen, I spent more than four hours on the phone with the World's Smartest And Kindest Mac Genius.
That's his full title.
His name, however, is O'neill.
And he has a place in my heart forever.

I have ical back.

Are you cheering? Did you utter a sigh of relief or contentment?
I did, and still am!

For ical is so much more than a blank calendar page!
It is my to-do list.
My journal.
My life, reduced to words.
My history, and my kids'.

It's where I track trips off, and appointments, and deadlines, and work schedules.
Health issues, and meetings, and milestones.

For two months I didn't know who I was.
(Okay, I still don't know. But I have my calendar.)

I feel human again!

It was no easy task, retrieving this app. It took hours. When it looked like it was all back together, O'neill asked me to look it over, to see if all the info was there. (Um, five years' worth of life is documented here!)
I browsed caught up in my schedule...saw that I'd missed a few deadlines for freelance articles...and exclaimed, out loud- with O'neill listening- that I was due for my, ahem, cycle.
Because EVERYTHING gets tracked on that calendar!

Ical will never take the place of my loved ones. But it will make the everyday a tad more bearable.

Thank you, O'neill. You are a lifesaver.

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