Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Chapters

I was bored. I decided to wind some yarn. (It was decidedly less calories than the brownies I was going to make.)

Lovely lime...

Speaking of brownies: have I ever mentioned that The Big Guy always hated my brownies?

Yeah. He would complain to all and sundry that my brownies always came out 1/4 inch high, and overcooked.
Then I went on Weight Watchers and stopped eating the raw batter before baking brownies.

My brownies improved dramatically. He's much happier. I still snitch the batter, but only a spoonful, not half the bowl.
Conversely, my waistline did NOT get any smaller.


Once I wound all that gorgeous spring-like soft and squishy goodness, I thought I'd just as soon cast on, and get the join settled. I abhor the join. I have to get the first 7 or so rows done before I can get into a rhythm.


I will tell you about these luscious lovelies tomorrow. I need to find the pictures of them. I may need to re-take pictures of them.

Sneak peek here. Dawn has awesome stuff!

Now, I'm off to break my cardinal rule, and cast on for yet another project.

It's a new year, folks, and time to re-think the way things are done.
Should be interesting!


  1. Hubby and I are cracking up over the brownie story. But the big question.....what yarn is that? I'd rather have that than brownies, and that's saying something.

  2. So what's this gonna be? Pretty color! Hoping casting on is better than swatching..grr on my 3rd one for a sweater...

  3. Those stitch markers are just beautiful -- thank you for the link to her shop!

  4. Funny! The brownie story was delightful - at least weight watchers served a purpose - better brownies (LOL). The green yarn is quite cheerful and must be nice to knit as you dream of warmer weather.