Thursday, January 21, 2010

Effective Marketing or Really Thoughtful Guy?

You know you eat out too much... when the restaurants send you Get Well Wishes when they don't see you for a week.

Just kidding.


You rawk, Jimmy...but Dude, I would have been happier to see a bunch of spareribs in a glass.
Al was happier with the flowers. Me, I'm all about the food. Especially Jimmy's spareribs.

These are gorgeous.

I emailed the pics to Al. First thing she said?
"What's all that crap all over my kitchen table! Are you picking up?!?"


I don't know what those little purple flowers are, but they smell heavenly.

And now I'm jonesing for Bali Hai.


  1. What a wonderful gesture. The colors are perfect to balance out the winter blahs.

  2. Pretty flowers! Off to google Bali Hai ;O