Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am a tornado of feelings tonight.

Feelings of goodwill, feelings of sheer terror, feelings of misgiving, feelings of seething, raging anger (that may be the dominant one!).

And then I read this.

And Connie somehow grounded me.

She reminded me that All Of It, every last frickin thing, is fleeting.

The goodwill will be replaced with its usual cynicism.
The terror will either culminate, or pass by.
The misgivings will either come to naught, or blow up into a full catastrophe.
The anger. Oh, the anger.
It isn't worth my time, or the effort required to pay it heed.

Instead, I will think about my hands, and all of the things my own hands have done.

And I will pray that I can keep these hands from closing around a particular neck....
just kidding!!


  1. To help someone feel grounded must be the ultimate blessing. While I'm quite sure you did your own grounding, I'm happy to accept this compliment. Thank you.


  2. I love that the goodwill will be replaced by "its usual cynicism. " I am down with that wight about now!

  3. Ultra sound result is in....Its a BOY!!!!

  4. Hmm... I have feelings a lot like your, sort of...
    Feelings of goodwill, feelings of sheer terror, feelings of misgiving, feelings of gratitude, feelings of extraordinary frustration, no seething anger right now... but it's in the chute, I'm sure.

    Times like this, I have a button I like to look at -- it says "Knitting to stay sane"

    I'd have another, if I could find it, that says "knitting gives me patience".

    I generally say that knitting has saved my children's lives.

    This too will pass..

  5. Helen is SO RIGHT. I've got the better part of a sweater finished. Jury is still out on the 'sane' part.