Saturday, January 9, 2010

Define 'flexible'?

Took Thing Two to the barber shop today. Busiest shop you ever saw, run by my cousin and his two nephews. Or something like that. Our family tree boasts clearly defined branches, but the labels have worn off. It's easier to just call them all 'cousins'.

While we waited our turn, Thing Two picked up a magazine. I noticed this with some pride.
Look at that. My boy is going to read all by himself. Love it!

I neglected to notice what magazine he'd picked up...
Until he turned it sideways, and exclaimed, "Boy, she suuuuure is... flexible".

I nearly fainted.
The guys in the shop howled with laughter.

My 'cousins', red with embarrassment (and likely fearing for their lives) grabbed away the offensiveness, and brought out the toy cars and lollipops.


  1. Ah. Um. Eek. Gah. Right-o, on to the toy store now... ::blink, blink::

  2. OMG - still laughing!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Marissa - Happy to have found your Blog. I'll need to follow you so that I can keep updated for my Frenchboro page!