Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Still Celebrating!

Because, well, why not??

Sister #1 was on the Sunday ferry with hubby and the kids...and an extra.
We've named him Chunks. I wanted to go with Spew, but Chunks was the majority favorite.

He won the name by projectile vomiting in the car on the ride to Maine. All over everybody in the backseat.
The girls were not impressed.

We grabbed them off the ferry, puked-on clothes and all, and jumped on our boat for a ride to Swans' Island- the island next to ours.
Note: this is the first time in YEARS I have just ''jumped on a boat" like that.
The gods were smiling on me that day, because there was nary a breath of wind, just a bit of chop, and...wait for it....the sun shone all day!!!

Swans' island PIK (People Interested in Kids, like PTO, but open to everyone) hosted a lobster dinner fundraiser. There was the dinner, lobsters and steamers and everything you'd expect to go with it, a chili cook-off, a pie bake-off, a 'bouncy house' for the kids, and the big hit- a dunk tank! There were lots of other games as well. The Things and my nieces were laden with prizes when we left.
We had a blast at the dinner. The ball field was small enough that the kids could run off on their own, and big enough that they thought they were on their own.
The food was fantastic (we had hot dogs, sausages, and lobsters), and Chris and I were asked to be judges of the pie bake-off.
Swans' Island is huge compared to Frenchboro! They have roads you can actually travel 40mph on!
Everybody we met was so nice; we made some new friends, and enjoyed some old ones.
People allowed us to tie up at their docks, picked us up (um, all 10 of us!), and drove us back to the dock at the end of the day. So nice! We were even offered a vehicle to use for the afternoon by somebody we hardly know. Who does that?! We politely declined, since we had Chunks with us...
I hope they do this fundraiser again next year! I know (believe me, I know!) how much work it is to put this kind of thing on, but they did a great job; it was very well organized.

dinner on Swans isl


  1. Gah, I think I am ready to spew now.

    Other than that, looks like a wonderful day!

  2. Did you meet a couple named Janet & Barry by chance? You guys should come to Fishermen's Day!