Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fabulous Fourth!

Things have been hopping here on The Rock. We've been in high gear getting the Library straightened out and ready for summer traffic. It's a great space, and I'm happy that there are some willing to volunteer to keep it a happy haven.

So much to do, so few people to make it all happen....

We started off our 4th of July activities with the annual parade. It was the usual cast of characters, with some very funny floats. We vote on a favorite every year, and this year's winner was Joe Lunt, as Fred Flintstone.

Wilma and Betty. Wait, that's not right...


My other favorite.
Possibly because of this:
Barely room for the kids. The rest of the truck wasn't much better. In fact, I had so much stuff packed into the 'front' (meaning, not the bed- it looked like rain) of the truck, I had to call Tammy to meet me in Bangor to move some of it into her truck. Like, a whole Sam's order. And Thing Two's bike (more on that later).

The Things get really mad when I pack things onto their laps.
"Oh, it's just a short ride to the ferry! You'll be fine. It's a 30-pack of toilet paper, how heavy can it be??"

Following the parade, there was a cookout, some games, and an all-afternoon volleyball tournament.
....And, We Saw The Sun.
Swear to God we did! It was faaaantastic...I tried to sneak home mid-day while the kids were occupied to get some Bakery work done, and just couldn't make myself get out of the glorious sunshine!
After lazing in the sun all afternoon, we headed home for a relaxing hour or two on the patio, and then another cookout.
All through the day, I wandered back home to make up another batch of homemade hot fudge sauce for the ice cream social that evening.
I ended up doing 5 batches- the equivalent of 10 jars of fudge sauce. That was the most powdered sugar I've ever used in one day! It was worth every minute of stirring- that was hands-down the BEST fudge sauce I've ever had, and everyone loved it.
The ice cream social was my way of giving back to the community. I enjoy getting together with all my neighbors, and we were pretty sure we wouldn't see any fireworks because of the fog/rain.
And we were right!
When I mentioned to Tammy that I wanted to get together at the ferry pier, regardless of the fireworks, and have ice cream sundaes instead, she jumped on board and said the Offshore Store would love to help with the cost and provide free brownie sundaes to all!
It was wonderful! Darn near every islander showed up; even the less than stellar weather didn't keep anyone away.




every last drop of that fudge sauce was gone...which was a very good thing- I maxed out on it long before the ice cream party began. ooof.


It is a scientific fact that one cannot frown while eating ice cream. How great is that??!!


I love these get-togethers!

It was suggested that we charge a small fee, and donate the proceeds to a charity. Not to be a Grinch, but I rejected the idea.
We were celebrating our country's independence. We do a lot of fundraising on this island, and it was time to just have a celebration of ourselves.

And man, did that ice cream do the trick!

On behalf of Tammy (The Offshore Store) and myself (The Frenchboro Bakery), I would like to thank all of you who came to visit at the ferry pier, who rubbed elbows, and grinned from ear to ear with childish delight that only a hot fudge sundae can provide.

Same time next year!!

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