Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last day of the Contest

One day and counting.

One more day before I can get off The Rock.
There isn't a vegetable to be found in this house.
I know this because I ransacked two refrigerators yesterday, and they are devoid of anything green (unless you count the mess on top of a really old container of sour cream) or antioxidant -containing.

And, sadly...this is what I fed my children last night.

Does basil count as a vegetable??

On a completely unrelated note, Thing Two lost tooth # 2 yesterday afternoon.
Pardon the green fingernails. He hadn't been bathed yet. (They were in the pool all day, and I do mean ALL 9am to 6pm. So that may not be dirt, it could be algae.)

Warning: blood alert. Hide if you need to.

The Big Guy came home, saw him wiggling that tooth, and told him to just pull it out.
Yeah, right. Not this kid.

Two seconds later, he calmly announced that he pulled it out.
Just like that.


Oh, no. They aren't looking real straight, are they? I'm going to have to sell a kidney to put braces on these kids. And I don't know what I'm going to have to do to put them through college. I'm going to have to re-think my moral code.

And on another completely unrelated note, I found this huge bowl of crabmeat while rooting out the fridge yesterday.
Seriously huge.
Three pounds of crabmeat huge.

I have no recollection of picking this bowl of crabmeat.

I need to start sleeping more. I may be having blackouts. During the day.

Lastly, I have knitting to show you.
Oops, I mean crocheting.

Not my crocheting, but, still, crocheting.
And I take full credit for screaming at my sister until she 'got it' teaching my sister to do this.

Awww, she made me a dishcloth! And it matches my kitchen!
And I won't let the kids use it because they will do something gross with it and ruin it and I'll be so mad. So I pretty much just dry my hands with it.
It works for me.

Look how even her stitches are.
I'm so proud.
Did I mention that I taught her that?

Yup, fresh mozzarella, home made bread and cherry peppers, fresh basil, and a dishcloth.
And three pounds of mystery crabmeat.
That's all it takes to make me happy.

Today is the last day of the contest. I will close the comments at 8pm, Eastern time.
Good Luck, everybody, and thanks for playing!


  1. Sure the basil counts as a vegetable, right? And the cherry peppers too. Peppers are vegetables. There you go, perfectly balanced dinner. :)

  2. Could you come teach MY sister???? She does EVERYTHING backwards. I look and she's doing fine. I turn my head and it all goes to heck in a handbasket.

    Oh yum! Your supper actually looks pretty delicious from where I'm sitting!

  3. What's wrong with that dinner? Pretty standard fare around here - minus the crabmeat. We get FAKE crabmeat around here.

  4. Marissa I read your blog but I really don't need that yarn! Not that it isn't pretty! Trish

  5. I think that whether basil counts or not (and I'd count it), I'm damned near certain that algae counts as a vegetable. You just have to assume they got enough...

  6. Yeah, Trish is dying her own now over at:

    And it is pretty wonderful!

  7. I would love that dinner! If that's "scratching for food" .... can I be your kid?

    Cathy (
    I have to sign this because I don't have any of the 'accounts' in the drop down list!

  8. that looks like a mighty fine meal to me!