Saturday, April 2, 2011

Newly Converted

It is entirely possible that I was hoping this would be a complete failure, given the amount of time it took to pin out each tiny little point of yarn on the edge of one of these lace shawls....



I am a believer.
I LOVE each section of lace in this pattern.


Heh, you shoulda heard what I said to her to get that smile!


This was so much fun to knit.
Though slightly less fun to block.

And, Charlize?

I could have done better there, I suspect.

I may have over-blocked that lovely ribbed, ruffled edge, in my zeal to pin open those last two lace rows.
I may re-block her, and stop pinning at that edge.
Opinions, from the more experienced??  (Will it matter? Should I leave well enough alone?)



The front edge is less stretched out. More flirty and ruffly.


She tried so hard NOT to laugh. She is no match for my wittiness.

I have two more lace items to block, and I am actually looking forward to the task!

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